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Helping Hands Around the World plans to provide an educational learning center to under privileged children in Ogoniland Biara, Nigeria. Over the last few years the area has fallen into a deeper state of poverty. The average family in the region lives on less than $1 per day. Over 65% of the children in the area stay home because the parents can’t afford to send them to school and as a result the cycle is continuing. Today, many children in Ogoniland, Nigeria do not have equal opportunity to education because their parents cannot afford the money for basic education. A recent research in Ogoniland also revealed that 40% of Ogoni children do not have elementary education, 60% of Ogoni children do not have secondary education, 75% of Ogoni children do not have college education, 90% of adults in Ogoniland do not have a full time employment; causing extreme poverty. As a result of the extreme poverty in the area, parents are not able to afford money for their children's school fees, uniform, shoes, books, food cupboard etc, those mostly affected are the ones who have lost their parents.

The youth of the area aren’t given a chance with education to change their circumstances. Many of the youth in the area as a result are at risk because not only are their parents unable to afford to provide them with education, there also is a lack of the lack of programs and education. This last school year because of teachers going on strike there has been no schooling in the area making matters even more difficult. As a result, we are proposing the Learning Center, with a goal to enable the under privileged children attain a better quality of education and build a solid foundation so they can have a better future. The outcome of the learning center will be that the youth are able to eat meals at school to assure they are prepared for the learning process and to provide an atmosphere where they are able to learn and create a habit of continuing education. A major advantage of the Learning Center is that the building is already owned and teachers and teacher’s aids are already on board for the program launch. The funds will be used for teacher’s salary, nutrition for children at the school, desks, and chairs, school supplies, along with computers so that children can be exposed to technology.